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Bored if anyone wants to just chat

Up until a year agoI saw the world as a place where very few doors opened for me.

Bored If Anyone Wants To Just Chat

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Bored Chat chats are all public! Before chatting to someone, browse their chats to see if they are a friendly person to chat with. Why not chat to other people who are just as bored as you!

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Watch out for these red flags:. The smartphone is basically an extension of the human hand at this point. Is he really curious about how your day was?

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Or is he just making banter to pass the time? Anyone can flirt back and forth, even Siri.

He might even throw in a double text. He only uses apps to talk to you.

If he wants to chat with you so much, he should be picking up the phone and making plans to take you out. He gets skittish when it comes to making serious plans.

As soon as you mention grabbing drinks at happy hour or meeting up Friday night, he completely blanks or tells you he already made plans. And why should he?

He always comes back around once Sunday hits. Of course. He sends you a ton of selfies.

You know more about him from his social media than from him. You can tell anyone almost everything you need to know about him all from just being a routine visitor on his Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories, not from actually getting to know him.

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Just …. In her free time she enjoys running and eating ice cream, but not at the same time.

She currently lives in New York City and works in digital media. By Amy Horton.

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