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Good looking stud

My mom and I bought her diamond stud s, which quite blew our budget, but we wanted to recognize her milestone birthday. When we presented them to her, she scoffed and said that no one ever listens to her, that she has diamond stud s and that we should return them.

Good Looking Stud

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Dressing like a stud is not as easy as one might think. You are stepping into a territory preserved for the badass and the manliest men of the world. If you do it the right way, many doors will open up to you almost magically. If you do it the wrong way you might come out as a poser or a phony and your reputation will go down the sink.

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Fear not, because after doing it the right way for some time I decided to help others and put together this exhaustive post. Get ready to own the path you walk dressing like a stud on a daily basis. A stud dresses informally every day except if he is required to look sharp, but more on that later. Studs wear jeans. Now, the question is what kind of jean should I wear?

They should have three characteristics:. You should wear old-school jeans that fit properly. If you are a skinny guy, a skinny cut will look great. If you are not, maybe go for something like a slim fit or a straight fit, I would say even a slim taper.

You can have one or two classic light blue jeans nice to wear in the summer, but mostly gravitate towards navy blue and even black. It is important that you stay Good looking stud from colored jeans. What do studs do during the summer?

Do we wear shorts? You bet we do.

The golden rule of stud shorts is that they can never go past the knee. Furthermore, I would recommend half your thigh. The material should be heavily distressed jeans; you can even cut some of the old ones and turn them into shorts. Forget about those short chino-shorts that come in Khaki and those standard, sober and pointless colors. A stud wears either swimming shorts or sawn-off jean shorts.

T-shirts are a huge part of dressing like a stud. The keyword here is simplicity. Leave the big, colorful prints for the younger guys and go for a good, basic, solid-color t-shirt that fits you perfectly. If you are going for V-necks keep them short avoiding the hair in your chest to pop out through the top. Those round-neck, perfect fit t-shirts can be even a little more badass if you roll the Good looking stud up just a couple of turns. Roll those sleeves up and make a difference.

For informal stuff, studs do not wear shirts; that will come later on.

We like our free soul to show off along with the revelry. Stay away from shirts and chinos as much as you can. Do studs wear sweaters? Oh yes, when the weather demands it but we prefer to go for a jacket that looks ten times cooler. They are comfy and come in all kinds of colors, but true studs settle for jackets like a denim one or a black hoodie. If you live in a country where cold forces you to wear sweater and jacket, then you can look for some turtle neck sweaters to wear with glasses and look like an intellectual alpha. It is important that you leave wool grandma sweaters with funky des out of the question and stick to sweaters that are either cotton or wool but in solid colors.

For example, a cool cotton gray sweater can go with everything you own. What is casual stud footwear? A stud wears either smart, clean, grown-up sneakers leave flashy colors for teenagers and rappers or, in a more advanced level, loafers. You can wear Converse sneakers which are badass but never, ever, ever Crocs. Hybrids are for hipsters and nerds. If you are going to wear leather shoes, go for it Good looking stud.

If you are going to wear sneakers do the same. Staying in between tells people you are insecure and have problems making up your mind, very unsuited for your alpha male status. Now, can you still show people you are the pack leader when going to work? You can bet on that. The good old khaki chinos and checkered shirt with nautical shoes is not proper for someone of your caliber. A stud in the office will gravitate much more towards Italian elegance than to Stanford privilege.

You can achieve that by adopting a monochrome approach and throw some color in every now and then. Your shirts should embrace minimalism and solid colors. It is ok to have some fun but remember that studs are all about attitude and clothing has to follow that. A good, slim-fit, white shirt with black, slim-fit trousers is hard to beat.

You can go stealth mode and do black on black it will make you look slimmer too and also throw some basic colors like navy blue, olive green, dark gray and Good looking stud. The keyword here is elegance, people has to know a real alpha just entered the room; remember that at all times.

Wearing a tie to work tells other people that you have a position that is either managerial or above. If you have to do it, make sure you look mesmerizing while at it. For example, dropping on you a tailor-fit, jet black suit and tie with a pristine white shirt and shiny shoes on a special occasion might drop like a bomb making people look at you as if The Godfather just entered the room.

The key here is not to make the tie a habit unless it is absolutely necessary.

When a suit is necessary on a daily basis stick to classic colors like navy blue, olive green and, of course, jet black. This is a golden rule when coming to the office, if you want to show elegance every day. Even if you do the whole motorcycle thing as a real stud and park your bike outside, stay away from jeans and keep it sober and elegant. This is a rule at all times unless you are over your fifties and want to show people you are still rocking. In that case scenario a pair of navy blue, boot cut jeans with boots and a pristine, slim fit, white or black shirt can show everybody you are still going strong.

You need to wear shoes, real shoes.

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This is an absolute must even those days you want to throw in a pair of jeans to the mix. Real men wear real shoes. The whole chinos with checkered shirts, and modern, sober sneakers look is for all the rest of serial-produced men. Studs are elegant, smart and look that way too. Let me tell you that a man on a suit or a shirt and trousers with shiny shoes is as masculine and attractive as the same guy wearing jeans and a rolled-up-sleeve basic t-shirt underneath the leather jacket.

There are three types of jackets that yell out your alpha status to the world.

A stud typically refers to someone physically attractive, in other words, handsome. badass is less so about their features and more explains their personality. if somebody is a "badass" it means they're tough. being a "stud" means they're good looking.

The first is obviously a leather jacket. What you have to absolutely understand about them is that leather jackets say something. There are many different types and styles out there and they all say something out loud. For example, a rocker stud needs to wear a black leather jacket with a front zipper; a biker jacket. The second type is the aviator style that has fur on the inside and is usually brown.

You can think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun just without all those silly patches. These are usually very tight to the body and look great zipped and unzipped. They are warm enough to wear them with just a t-shirt underneath you know what kind. The third type of jacket you could go after is a simple denim jacket.

It is important that you stay away from the eighties washed out jean color and stick to dark blue or black. Last thing I should say about jackets for studs is that you should avoid all those that are for climbing a mountain, rainproof material, or even those leather and denim jackets that have artificial cotton hoodies coming out of them. Stick to the classics and wear them with attitude and elegance. Are you going out to a bar? Are you going to a club? Maybe both? Well, in those case scenarios you can go a little tighter on your jeans and should try to keep them dark.

A skinny black jean with a little distress here and there will make you look thinner, taller and more like a stud.