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I will ignite your passion

My talk attracted a variety of students who were intrigued about creativity and turning their passion and purpose into a successful career. These included singers, composers, performers, an aspiring novelist, several other creative writers, a few psychology majors, a student pursuing her Ph.

I Will Ignite Your Passion

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Passion is not just the way to happiness--it's also the fuel that ignites success.

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8 ways to ignite your passion

Passion is what energizes life. P assion propels you forward and drives you to push beyond obstacles and self-limitation.

Passion is contagious. Network and connect with other like minded people who have your same interest. Do the people you hang with motivate, encourage and inspire you? Are they passionate and love what they do?

Surround yourself with a support group that empowers you, lifts you up, and believes what you believe. There is no such thing as luck. People that seem to have it all have generally worked their butts off very hard to achieve their goals and dreams.

Be obsessed with learning new skills, interest and ideas. Ideas can be found anywhere. Fuel what excites you and become a sponge.

Re-ignite your passion at work

If you want something different, you have to be willing to try new things. When you combine your skills and talents you will take your passion to a whole new level. I absolutely love technology and know that there are tons of cool gadgets and apps for note taking. Let your thoughts run wild.

6 ways to ignite your passion

Blogs are powerful and one of the easiest ways to share your thoughts, interest and ideas. This is a great way to explore and fuel what interest you. Give your passion room to breathe and start blogging.

Magic happens on the other side of your comfort zone. Passionate people thrive off uncertainty. Do something at least mildly uncomfortable everyday.

Dare to be different. Find that one thing that makes you come alive…become it, breathe it and let it become you.

Slow down the busyness and take a few minutes to be still. I start my day with prayer, gratitude and meditation to refresh my mind and refocus. Your passion helps to endure those daily disciplines that build the foundation of your success. We were all created different for a reason. Find your reason and use it.

When you take time to be still, your inner voice will guide you. Years ago, I use to live my life on a rat race barely taking the time to live and enjoy the present moments. I know, strange but so true.

I put more energy into what matters most. Life is a collection of moments.

So live in the now by enjoying the journey and new experiences. Surround yourself with the things you love and enjoy. Be ready to turn your passion into an example to encourage those around you to pursue their own goals. A true passion is limitless … so share it. People who feel your passion, are moved and inspired.

4 ways to ignite your personal passion

So, through your strength and authenticity you will inspire other people to go take daring leaps, improve their lives and follow their own dreams. Disclosure: Please note that some post may contain affiliate links from one of our affiliate partners. We may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links -at no additional cost to you.

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Tap into passion and purpose: how to ignite your creative career

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5 tips to ignite your passion

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