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Looking to spend saturday pleasing you

Learn how to stop people-pleasing and start speaking up for yourself.

Looking To Spend Saturday Pleasing You

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Handsome boy, mid-thirties, passionate mind and perfect balance of masculine and soft feminine. I'm not seeking for Ms. I can be a jealous girl. Care to share. If your parent or caregiver offered you approval and love based largely on your behavior, you probably realized pretty quickly it was best to keep them happy.

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Do you feel burned out trying to keep other people happy? So why do you feel such resistance when it comes to standing up for yourself?

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Otherwise, we give others permission to take advantage of us. When I set boundaries and stick to them, I find that I have more time and energy to put towards the things and people I love. Standing up for yourself and your time can make a huge impact on your well-being and life satisfaction.

But you have to set boundaries with your time and your energy.

6 problems with people-pleasing (and how to stop people-pleasing)

Setting boundaries might sound scary, but it gives you the freedom to spend time doing what you love. Boundaries do not make you stuffy or boring.

They allow you to create life on your own terms, which is the most liberating and exciting thing you could ever do. Communicating your boundaries to others and yourself!

If the people around you are always doing or saying things that frustrate you to your core, you have to put your foot down. Be that person who speaks up when people are behaving in a way that makes you feel inferior or unappreciated.

I will say this over and over until the cats come home, but your gut instinct is usually right. You know the difference between excitement and dread.

How to overcome the need to be a people-pleaser | jason connell

Use that instinct to help you make decisions. Will it improve our lives or is there something that could make a bigger impact? Think about the amount of time something will take compared to the amount of positive impact it will have. If you find it all too easy to try and make others happy, why not let yourself be happy for once?

Make sure you spend time doing things that bring you joy and help you create a better work-life balance.

Schedule downtime and fun activities into your calendar. Treat them like important meetings with a client. Recommend a friend, a co-worker, or some kind of tool that could help get the job done. If you hate being unhelpful, this option gives you the opportunity to be cooperative without having to take on the task yourself.

You can still be kind yet firm at the same time. Remember that you are in control of your choices and your life. Set healthy boundaries and give yourself permission to do less people-pleasing.

How to overcome the need to be a people-pleaser

Tired of never getting a moment to yourself? Make yourself a priority for once and start a self-care routine in 7 days with my free self-care guide! Wonderful and thoughtful post!

Thank you very much for sharing your tips :. Do things because they make you happy! Thank you for this post. It is causing me a lot of stress. Even when I choose to say no to someone, I feel so bad after, always worrying about what people think. Its tiring.

7 ways to set better boundaries

This is great! I appreciate this post. I enjoyed your post. I have a problem with saying no too. Often times I get upset when no appreciation is shown now I am learning to offer alternatives and wrestling with distancing myself when I can.

Thank you. I love this post!

7 ways to set better boundaries & stop people-pleasing

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Hi, I'm Catherine! I'm here to help you get out of your head so you can stress less and focus on what matters. Setting boundaries and learning to say no is a great way to get others to take you seriously.

Thank you very much for sharing your tips : Maria inaccordance.