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Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach

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Need Some Sloppy Head In Kurrimine Beach

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View Full Version : Who fishes out from Cairns. First trip in it, my mate bought it last week. He was pretty stoked with the first trip, we went out to the same spot again last night but the finger mark were not on the chew, had some fun with the Queenies and got some good footage on the gopro of some aireals and underwater action.

Think I am going to take my boat out to the Ribbons this weekend leave Friday night come back Saturday arvo will hopefully have a good report on Monday. I headed out yesterday. Was a bit sloppy, wet and windy until about We managed 6 trout, a big spangle and a nice red. Wasted a lot of the good fishing time waiting for one of the big storms to pass and they had shut down by So we headed off around lunch time for a nice ride home.

Went out off Cooktown Sat morning, same deal, flat heading out got 15km out hit a storm, stop and trolled for a bit picked up three mackerel. After an hour it calmed down a bit so we headed out, got 5 trout, my mate dropped a good yellow fin beside the boat broke my rod while at it.

Got some awesome underwater footage on the gopro of some Tuna busting up. Pulled some photos off the go pro footage pretty crap as I am still learning. Shlt that's a massive trout mate. Love those underwater pics too.

How did you have the camera set-up? On a stick or rope? That's a stonker trout! Great fish. Did it go back in the water?

I'd be a bit concerned about ciguatera at that size Love the underwater shots. I speared that trout, and yeah its a bit bigger than what I would have liked, wont spear one that big again, can be a bit hard to tell underwater though, I would rather take the smaller tastier ones. I dont have good enough skills to video's as yet, but once I do I have about 50 sitting on my comp. Will try and edit a bit of a clip.

Innisfail service area

Went out for a fish yesterday afternoon after work for a couple of hours in the inlet. Manage to land 2 barra but saw quite a few more, one went 68cm. Plenty of action all round really for around two hours of fishing. Zerek prawns, Xraps and transams did the damage. Better than the shops!

PM me if interested. Feeling your pain mate, going to resort to freedive training up at eacham this weekend, been over 2 months since we've gotten a good dive in. Pity we can't spear up there, clearing out some talapia would be good target practice between trips! Fisheries have done some surveys in Lake Eacham and haven't seen any tilapia in there yet but they are definitely in Lake Barrine.

If you do see some though, try and get a photo and flick it onto me cheer Richard.

If you do see some though, try and get a photo and flick it onto me cheer Richard Thats good to know, i can't say i have seen any in there myself as we spend most of our time out in the deep just heard from other people but they may have been thinking of barrine. Will be spending some time searching for a barra in the shallows with the camera's this weekend so will take a pic if i see any, hoping i dont though. Do you train with Konrad? Nah, just a couple mates that I normally go diving with.

We'll go up there if we can't get out to the reef for a while.

Anyone been using jigs for reds? I've heard of some people cleaning up fingermark on them but haven't heard about any really good catches yet on reds. Hey guys, I'm Ben, long time reader, just become a member. I fish out of Cairns, have a 5. Headed out yesterday and struggled a fair bit. Managed 5 nice big mouth and a trout.

They were really tough to catch yesterday. How did everyone else go? Guy from work said the same, apparently the water temp was low where he was so better fishing was in the shallow stuff, he still struggled a bit though.

Had a mate up from Mackay so got out for a quick creek fish in the Inlet Sunday arvo. Another mate on the boat lost a horse at Firewood, didn't see what it was but suspect a decent size barra. Dropped the hooks on a Threadybuster :. Yeah it was tough.

Horny teens waterbury connecticut

We've had a lean 12 months on the fish it seems at the moment. I heard of a couple of boats smashing the Big mouth yesterday. I heard one bloke got 36 near batt and tongue. Fished the inlet Sunday.

Landed 2 Jacks, 1 barra at 66cm, dropped one around Fished the reef yesterday at Elford throwing poppers. Pretty slow, got two trout, a couple of trevally and a few little longtail tuna on slugs. We fished near Batt reef yesterday.

Landed quite a few fish but only kept 8 Big mouth, 3 Trout. It was a fun day.

Nick, a handfull of fish were caught using Black Magic knife jigs - gram weight. Regards Con. Nice, thanks Con. I usually fish the shallower stuff, picked up a heap of gm butterfly jigs, I've used g and g jigs in the deeper stuff, actually found that sharks liked them lol.

I saw a coral sea article where they were smashing most things on them and actually did really well at night with them. Nick, a handfull of fish were caught using Black Magic knife jigs - mm long. We had some rellies up from down south who have never reef fished, so we headed down the Daintree, dropped a couple of pots on the way out then headed to Pratt Rock. They had a ball, lot of little stuff as usual, couple of nice trout, long tails and a spectaclar show put on by a Sharky Mack trying to elude his name sakes and then a really nice buck in one of the pots.

They had a ball. Other boat fishing Linden and they did ok as well with large mouth and rosy jobfish. Hi Guys, I'm another Cairns fisho, all estuary or land based. Reading this thread makes me realise I need to get out there onto the reef. If someone wants to take me out I'd be more than grateful, just realise I'm not too familiar with fish over 1 metre or using gaffs lol.

I prefer using lures too but happy with any fishing. Hi guys, I need my ss prop cleaned up a bit and checked that it's balanced etc, anyone know a prop guy in Cairns? Nev at NB prop works mate. Cheers Pazz.

Anyone go out today? Weather looks great. Mate of mine went out not much happening apparantly. I"m heading out early tommorrow.