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Kroupa, 36, was almost used to it by now.

He would go on to receive tens of thousands of texts and s like this over a three-year period. The messages are rife with jealousy and rage at first, then over time, the tone changed from spiteful to threatening. Kroupa said he can't remember how many times he changed his phoneand yet, the messages kept coming.

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They all appeared to be from Cari Farver, a woman he dated for only two weeks in Omaha, Nebraska, but no one had physically seen her for a long time. It was years after the harassment began that detectives uncovered a vindictive lover, who had gone to extreme and deadly lengths to destroy her perceived rival.

Author Leslie Rule was so fascinated by this story that she wrote a book about it called "A Tangled Web. Kroupa moved to Omaha in after taking a job managing an auto repair shop. At the time, he was separated from his longtime girlfriend Amy Flora, with whom he had two children.

It was his first time on his own in a while. Kroupa said he ed up for a couple of dating sites.

The first person he met through one of them was a woman named Shanna Elizabeth Golyar, who went by "Liz. I was attracted to her right away, so then we set up a date," he said. Golyar told him that she was a single mother with two kids who were around the same age as his. By the fourth date, Kroupa said their relationship escalated and they started having sex.

But Kroupa said he was also up front with Golyar, telling her that he wanted to continue seeing other women. About six months after meeting Golyar, Kroupa said an "extremely attractive woman" walked into the auto shop.

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It was Cari Farver, a single mom who had brought in her Ford Explorer for maintenance. She lit up a room You couldn't help but notice her. You were drawn to her. Kroupa asked Farver out, and said the two immediately hit it off on their first date. So, he invited her back to his apartment after dinner. As things were heating up, Kroupa said Farver told him she didn't want anything serious.

But as she was leaving his apartment at the end of their date, Kroupa said Farver walked right by Golyar in the hallway. Golyar had come by unannounced to pick up some things she said she had left there. Kroupa was so quickly taken with Farver that when she was tasked with a big project at work, he offered to let her stay with him. Farver worked as a computer programmer and her office was located around the corner from where Kroupa lived, he said, whereas she lived nearly an hour away in Macedonia, Iowa.

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On the morning of Nov. Then, around mid-morning, Kroupa said he got a strange text from her saying she wanted to move in together, "which was very left field because we had already talked about that not happening," he said. Kroupa texted her back saying he wasn't interested. She responded almost immediately, saying, "Fine.

I hate you. I'm dating someone else. I don't want to see you anymore.

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Go away. When Kroupa returned home that night, Farver was gone.

Nearly two days passed before he said his phone started blowing up again with texts, in which Farver said, in part, "I hate you You're a terrible person. Farver's mother, Nancy Raney, says her daughter was diagnosed with depression in her late 20s -- a few years after having her son, Max Farver -- and that she was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I feel like I'm numb. But by the time Farver was dating Kroupa inRaney said her daughter was in a good place, working at her dream job in Omaha, and Max was a thriving high school student. Around the time Kroupa was receiving those intense text messages, Raney said she too began receiving strange texts.

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One message claimed Farver had taken a new job in Kansas, which Raney said, "totally threw me. She tried to get Farver on the phone, but said her daughter wouldn't call back, which was unusual. When Farver didn't show up on her half-brother's wedding day, Raney reported her missing.

Raney said she told the police her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that she was on medication. When somebody who's bipolar stops taking their meds, sometimes … they can start some really erratic behavior,'" said Rule, who wrote "A Tangled Web" about the case. ABC News reached out to the Pottawattamie County Sheriff's office for a comment on the initial stages of the investigation. In a statement, they said, the department "takes all missing persons reports seriously no matter the circumstances surrounding them. Meanwhile, Kroupa said he continued to receive hundreds of harassing text messages and s from Farver.

Another said, "We belong together, Dave. He said most of the messages focused on Golyar, the woman Kroupa had ly dated and who crossed paths with Farver in Kroupa's apartment building hallway.

Golyar told him she was also receiving harassing texts and s. One day, Kroupa said Golyar called him, saying her garage had been vandalized. As the weeks went by, Farver continued to miss more family events, including her own birthday, her son's 15th birthday, Thanksgiving and then her father's funeral. Raney was convinced something was wrong. She said she was still getting texts from Farver and begged her daughter to call her so she could hear her voice, but she never did.

She said Max also started getting messages from her, saying she was going to Kansas and coming to get him, but she never showed up. Raney said the texts became mean and angry, "saying that I wasn't a good mother and that I was controlling. You're sitting in your chair with your feet propped up, wearing a blue shirt. One night in Januaryalmost two months after the harassment began, Kroupa was returning home from work when he noticed a familiar vehicle in a nearby parking lot.

As he got closer, he realized it was Farver's Ford Explorer.

Having worked on the car he knew it fairly well, so he said he took a photo of the plate and sent it to Omaha Police. When police searched the car, they were able to find only a single fingerprint on a mint container. It didn't match Farver or anyone in the FBI's national database. Meanwhile, weeks turned into months, and Raney still hadn't found her daughter. One beacon of hope arrived five months after Farver disappeared, when Raney says a man called her to tell her he'd seen Farver at a homeless shelter and that she wanted Raney to pick her up.

Raney said she raced over to the shelter and that investigators met her there.

But when they arrived, they learned Farver had never been there. Six months into Farver's disappearance, Max decided to message his mother's Facebook to see what would happen. She messaged back. All the while, Kroupa and Golyar, who were still seeing each other on and off, were still receiving hostile, nasty text messages. At one point, Kroupa said he got an from Farver threatening to kill Golyar and that it included a photo of a woman tied up in the trunk of a car.

Kroupa called Golyar, who confirmed she was fine.

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Later, Kroupa said Farver sent him a link to a fake obituary for Golyar. Then, in AugustGolyar's house caught fire, killing her family pets, including two dogs, a cat and a snake. Fire investigators believed it was arson, and Golyar told police she suspected Farver was the culprit. Kroupa said he had become so paranoid by that point that he bought a gun -- a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol. Terrifying intrusions kept happening to him.

At one point, the auto shop where Kroupa worked was vandalized. In JanuaryKroupa was with his high school friend Heather Twedt in his apartment, when Twedt said she watched his cell phone blow up with messages and then later, heard someone jiggering the front door handle.

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When they were in bed that night, Twedt said a brick was thrown through the window. Kroupa's ex-girlfriend, Amy Flora, the mother of his two children, had also received threatening messages from Farver. It was anyone in Dave's life, it seemed, Cari headed out for," Carpenter said.

By springit had been two-and-a-half years since anyone had seen Farver, yet the harassment continued. They were so intrigued by Farver's mysterious disappearance that they volunteered to take it on. The two detectives decided to approach the case from different angles. I'm going to try and prove every which way I can that Cari is still out there, and Jim is going to try and prove every which way that she is not," Avis said.

So they started from the beginning, digging through the original case file. The detectives were aware of Farver's bipolar diagnosis, but they didn't think that had anything to do with her disappearance. Avis thought it was alarming that there hadn't been any activity in her checking the entire time she had been gone.

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No one's seen them and no one's heard their voice It just didn't make sense," Avis said. Doty said the glaring detail that stuck out for him was Golyar, who he said had never been involved in Farver's life until she went missing. So to me, there was something with Liz. The only forms of communication anyone had received from Farver were electronic. Both Kroupa and Golyar had agreed to have the content of their phones downloaded in for the initial group of investigators.

This content was included in the original case file and Kava started connecting the dots.