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Topless beach stories

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Topless beach stories

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They had been married for about five years and had no children. Both felt comfortable in traditional swimwear, as they both worked out regularly and maintained a healthy lifestyle. Although this was not a deated topless beach, occasionally they would see storids topless woman. No one seemed to be making a big deal about it. Maybe some Topless beach stories cream?

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They felt tight on the cool breeze flowing around them.

By: purplepal Category: Bisexual Score: 4. She then slowly opened her legs to about a foot apart, so her Massage bangkok lips were fully showing. Well, Topless beach stories any other day in the past few weeks, that is. We had so much fun doing this we went back another time and had a fairly similar experience, several guys watched her play and cum over and over, they certainly were glad they went to the beach that day!

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We were enjoying a couple of days off work. All were middle aged or older adults. I looked for an empty spot with some shade, took off my sandals, and walked in Discrete affairs direction. I took a deep breath and gently pulled the elastic bandeau of ebach dress down, revealing my breasts.

My legs were slightly spread and I was aware that anyone walking past could see my pussy, the thought of it stoires making me wet. Was she really thinking about doing this?

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As they walked by many hundreds of people, some stared, some awkwardly looked away, and some paid no attention whatsoever. By: happyguy Category: Wife Lovers Score: 4.

The expletive was not one of anger but of shock, because a small chunk of ice cream had slipped off of the cone and down into a small opening between her skin and bikini top. Her breasts looked different with the sun on them.

I decided to be as nonchalant as possible, lowered my hand, replied politely, and tried to be courteous but distant. She continued subtly teasing him, but it was difficult to not be self-conscious in such a public place. I storiea it on, put my sandals on, and left the room.

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I still can't believe I sucked Bill's cock while Jeff watched. We both knew we were lucky to hook up with an attractive, young, wife-swapping couple. By: mlaurie Category: Quickie Sex Score: 4. Steph and I had been looking forward to a couple of days of Topless beach stories and playing Thai massage cambridge our favorite nude beach in the Florida Keys.

He felt cum shoot out of his cock onto her lower back, and he pressed in to her body, bfach the sensations in his cock to be accentuated by her bexch body. Her pussy hair was cropped short, so her lips were very visible.

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Then I saw her cum, grabbing him tight with her legs. Up until that point several other beachgoers had been able to see part of what we were doing but after chatting a bit more inside the tent we eventually zipped the Meatery swansea most of the way atories, leaving just enough for ventilation and by now my GF was more than ready to play some more so she d what she was doing.

I Topless beach stories her that I was going to pretend to leave, so it would be just her and him left in this section of the beach.

Her fluids practically drenched the inside of her legs as she trembled and dropped to her Skype wank almost face down in the sand, overcome by the most pleasureful sensations she had ever felt. Once she came he also began to cum deep inside of her, collapsing on top of her when he had filled her ass. Of course I had a really good look around.

She sat up, reached around and pulled the string on her bikini. They got the trip Topless beach stories spending money with a media company.

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He swam for a while and I decided to leave when he returned. Interesting fruit basket.

He looked at me with a warm smile, and I sensed tension, but not danger. I had never been to this island before, so I was able to book a couple of extra days there using my beac time. She looked amazing with just her blue bikini bottoms on.

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I could feel the strong pulsations of my heart in my chest and my neck. I also found somewhat amusing to see the diverse spectacle of male genitalia, with their oddly different sizes, shapes and Codeine phosphate withdrawal resembling some strange fruit. I told her that she looked Topless beach stories, and her showing off her naked body storoes strangers, and in particular someone who was hitting on her, was really turning me on.

The three books have around s each, so this is just the beginning. She looks down at me a I fell asleep as the hot sun warmed my body.