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Why havent we had sex yet

I recently learned that one of my adult friends had not yet had sex. My first reaction was surprise, because I remember how much pressure there was to lose your virginity in my teens — and then I was honestly impressed.

Why Havent We Had Sex Yet

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We’ve been together 2 months and haven’t had sex yet

When Genevieve, a Rapunzel, was younger, she had a long string of intimate relationships. She didn't see it as love sabotage.

Sex was a natural part of her dating life. It started when she was Sex became no big deal. He makes me feel amazing. Every time we are together, I want to be with him more and more. We laugh and laugh together. We sleep in the same bed with our clothes on. She was talking really fast and I could feel her excitement.

Sexperts say you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you haven't had sex yet

Then he asked me if I wanted to have sex. Then she collapsed in a fit of giggling.

In a way, when you befriend your saboteur, it is as if your sweet fourteen year old self, the one that was so terribly hurt and disappointed in love all those years ago, is being given a second chance. I remember Ruby, a Chinese Rapunzel with limited English skills.

Coaching her was a challenge as I broke down the steps of breakup recovery into words she could understand. Ruby had met a man on Match. She knew he lived in a different state. She accepted that he was only in her town for business every couple of weeks. She also was completely blindsided when she found out he was married. As she told me her story, here is a key point:. In your country, you have sex first and then fall in love.

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No, I said to Ruby, you have it right! Your people have it right. Not because it is morally right or wrong, that is not what this is about. The reason to love first is about hearing from your inner senses, feeling your way along so you know exactly who to sleep with when you do.

Where to start when you haven’t had sex in months – or even years

Genevieve had slept with so many men, her inner guidance was disconnected. In true Rapunzel fashion, she careened from relationship to relationship having great sex but never connecting with the men in a meaningful way. Now, with this new man, everything is different. He thrills her. She loves him and she is in no hurry to have sex. Is it normal? Yep, it is for Genevieve.


As I ask her every time we speak, how does this feel to you? On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you when you are with him? How happy are you just thinking about him? As long as you feel your way through opening up to a man and keep yourself feeling high on your scale of happiness, you cannot go wrong.

Why haven't we had sex yet?

I promise. It is a time that cannot be restored.

Making it last as long as possible is your goal! So what do you do? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! I have been married for 5 years now and I still go back to that time to refuel my appreciation for my Larry. I was living about 45 minutes away from him and we were falling in love quickly.

I remember watching out the window for his car. I remember seeing it turn down the street. My heart started to pound. I was so excited he was coming. I made myself wait for a few moments before I answered the door bell even though I wanted to run out and meet him in the parking lot.

He smelled really good and l remember how the fabric of his yellow turtle neck felt under my fingers. We were laying on the couch together looking into each others eyes. The edge between risk of falling in love again and the undeniable physical chemistry drove our enchantment with one another.

I am so happy we had that time. Just like Genevieve and Ruby, I lost a lot of innocence when I was young. Love was twisted and painful in the players on the stage of my life. Blah, blah, blah Now, when I see the parts of my husband that are cross and anxious and I dodge for cover, I don't freak out anymore.

So, darling Genevieve, you are learning a new normal for yourself, and you are doing just fine! You are open and curious about your man and all of the loving feelings you are feeling for him are like bread crumbs leading you home. Love Sabotage will not betray you. If after 4 months, you are not feeling it for him, you will know clearly and you will be able to move on.

What you can count on is this. If this man is not your forever man, he is SO close that when the right one does find you, it will be even better.

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